Physical & Emotional Pain Problems
Negative Thinking, Psychological & Relationship Issues
resolved in a
Professional, experienced, transparent, no hype, integrative
and heart based environment.

integrating the wisdom of the body with
the insights of the mind
to solve pain & stress issues, enhance well being

crisis intervention • short term integrative therapy • body centered psychotherapy •

• senior professional treatments with utterly positive impact
no one can heal another...
the most one can do
create an environment conducive to healing
Creating environments where healing takes place
is the primary task of the health practitioner
Every experience, feeling, thought, impulse,
instinct and interaction that you will ever have -- personal, interpersonal & trans-personal --
happens via the physical body.

The physical body offers direct tangible doorways to
enhance and heal both the physical & non-physical aspects of the human experience.

In the field of Health and Well Being,
the obvious is both simple and profound --

that the physicality of the body you happen to live in
(the fact that the body can be physically touched)

a user friendly, hands-on, transparent,
access to all things
physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

Touch, is the oldest medicine, and still one of the most effective.

Hence... Bodywork.

Taking time for one's physical body is not a luxury
it is a building block of well being.

In our Western culture, physical and emotional problems and illnesses are usually first considered the domain of allopathic doctors and the Western medical model.

The ever growing popularity, however, of integrated and holistic bodymind approaches to health is a reflection of both the short comings of over specialized pharmacopoeia - driven modern medicine and the many successes of the more integrative and hands on approaches.

One can use Holistic Bodywork treatments to get in touch
  • simplify complex decisions
  • renew positivity • neutralise stress • heal physical pain
  • 5000 km tune up and overhaul :-)
  • reconnect with your natural state of balance
  • unblock negative patterns in a user friendly way
  • enhance relationships

These are experiential treatments that make a difference -- without creating a dependency on the therapist.


For 30 years I have been offering a variety of integrative "body mind" programs, workshops, trainings and services, hands on treatments and consultations to individuals, groups, families and professional groups.

These strategies address a broad spectrum of both physical and non-physical life transitions, personal growth, difficult pain problems, boundary issues, addictions, relationships.

My hourly fees have been flexible for 30 years. When some one really wants to work with me, lack of cash is rarely a 'stop'.

A phone call or email starts the ball rolling. Thirty minute no charge introductory meeting.

Phone consultations are always available whether to help solve a physical issue, or address emotional, psychological or life issues. I work some evenings, some weekends, and some holidays.
Phone consultation at the right time can effect direct and tangible results.

In-house massage. For clients with mobility issues, or to spoil yourself, or your staff - treatment at your home or workplace. Massage chair or table, my hands, your body, your staff's bodies, your boss's body, your friends' bodies. I bring my humour, sensitivity, charm and 30 + years of hands on experience to enhance the environment in a tangible way.

E n e r g y F l o w :
When you are satisfied with your:
health & well being
communication skills
self expression
capacity for profound pleasure
& profound relaxation
your energy channels are open -- your energy flowing --->

E n e r g y B l o c k s :
Patterns which repeat themselves even when circumstances change:
different address - same blues
different partner - same hassles
aches and pains, mental or physical
that are impervious to treatment
are a result of holding patterns not only in one's mind,
but rather in the Body Mind.

Holistic Bodywork Sessions are a gentle and effective means
for sourcing authentic quality in one's life...

Touch is the oldest medicine, and still one of the most effective •

People of all ages thrive on "touch" as a source of physical healing, emotional nourishment, spiritual strength, and even mental motivation. There is a growing recognition that receiving regular hands on treatments enhances the wide spectrum of well being.

Somatics is an emerging profession concerned with how life experience takes shape in the human body; a discipline which studies, explores and helps integrate feelings, thoughts and actions as they are expressed and transformed in every dimension of our physical selves.